Health & Wellness Resources

NCWD/Youth Health Care Transition Brief
A RAISE Partner Resource | “The National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth (NCWD/Youth) has released a new brief on youth transitioning to adult health care, living a healthy lifestyle, and paying for health care. “A Young Person’s Guide to Health Care Transition,” written by youth for youth, provides information and guidance to assist youth in developing a roadmap for transition from pediatric to adult health care.”

A Self-Advocate’s Guide to Medicaid
“The Easy Read version is divided into six parts, each containing one subject discussed in the toolkit: Medicaid introduction and background, Who Can Get Medicaid?, What Does Medicaid Pay For?, Medicaid funding, What Could Happen to Medicaid?, and a summary and glossary explaining the terms we use in the toolkit. The Easy Read version uses pictures along with text, and has more white space.”

Find, Choose, & Keep Great DSPS
“A toolkit for people with disabilities looking for quality, caring and committed direct support professionals.”

What You Should Know About Birth Control When You Have a Disability
Talking about your sexual activity and history—and what that means for you as a person with a disability—can be challenging. But this is your life, health, and body, so it’s worth figuring out how to approach the subject and communicate your birth control needs.

Transitioning to Adult Care: Supporting Your Youth with Special Health Care Needs
This brief from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphis (CHOP) provides recommendations for pediatric and adult providers, health care systems, and policymakers to ease the transition process from pediatric to adult care for youth with special health care needs.

Turning 18: What it Means for Your Health
Quick tip sheet from Got Transition talks to youth/young adult who are turning 18 and need to realize that though it may not make them feel any different, legally, it means they are adults.

Why Sex Education for Disabled People Is So Important
Article with statistics and resources links addresses the sameness of individuals with disabilities to others when it comes to hormones and sexual desire.

Youth-Led Health Center Assessment Tool
Michigan Medicine and their youth advisory council created an assessment tool to engage youth in evaluating health centers. This assessment is intended to be completed by a group of youth with support from a health center 

Youth-Led Health Center Assessment Tool Facilitator Guide
Accompanies the Youth-Led Health Center Assessment Tool to engage young people in evaluating the youth-friendliness of health centers.