Post-secondary Education/Training Programs Resources

Making My Way Through College
This guide is for any student pursuing a degree or other type of credential (e.g., certification, license) at a two-year or four-year community college, college, or university. It provides information on a variety of topics relevant to navigating the college experience for students with disabilities or those who think they may have a disability.

AFC’S Guide to College for Students with Disabilities
This guide from Advocates for Children of New York provides information, including resources, on the application process, financial aid, college services, and resources for support as youth prepare to go to college.

Tips and Technology for Managing Time, Focus, and Sleep in College
The Center on Technology and Disability has this guide to provide tips on managing college life.

Dual Enrollment Programs
This intervention report from What Works Clearinghouse presents findings from a systematic review of dual enrollment programs.

Getting Started: Managing Time and Staying Focused in College with the Help of Assistive Technology
This Center on Technology and Disability article explores how combining healthy study habits with technology can help a college student to focus and manage their time. Assistive technology that can help support motivation, minimize distractions, improve time awareness, and address procrastination is discussed. It also addresses setting goals, developing good study habits, incorporating technology tools, and getting enough sleep at college.

NCCSD Research Briefs
Two research briefs from national Center for College Students with Disabilities:
“Campus Climate and Students with Disabilities” (available as a doc and pdf) and “National Databases with Information on College Students with Disabilities” (available as a doc and pdf, and with an mp3 audio version of the accompanying tables).

A Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities
This transition guide from OSERS assists families and their students and youth with disabilities in developing and pursuing their goals for adult life. The guide addresses transition planning opportunities and programs; transition services and requirements; education and employment options after secondary school; and supporting decisions made by students and youth with disabilities.

Mental Health on College Campuses: Investments, Accommodations Needed to Address Student Needs
The National Council on Disability offers this report that examines and assesses the status of college mental health services and policies in the United States. The report documents the challenges, best practices, and emerging trends of supporting college students with mental health disabilities. Recommendations in the report address law and policy reform and best practices for colleges to provide increased access to services, increased training for staff and faculty, anti-stigma activities and outreach, student engagement, and integrated services.

Landmark College’s Guide to Assessing College Readiness
This publication aims to help parents assess college readiness in their college-bound children with learning disabilities or AD/HD. An assessment of five essential foundations that are critical for students with learning disabilities or AD/HD to succeed in a traditional higher education setting is followed by suggestions for discussion about the results.

Transitioning to College with a Disability
This short video from The Disability Services Office at NC State University addresses students who might believe their disability is an obstacle to succeeding at college. The five minute closed captioned video explains a variety of topics including how accommodations differ at college compared to high school and describes how one discloses a disability at the college level.