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The National Resources for Advocacy, Independence, Self-determination and Employment (RAISE) Technical Assistance Center works with the seven (7) Rehabilitation Service Administration (RSA)-funded Parent Training & Information Centers to develop and disseminate information and resources that increase their capacity to serve youth and young adults with disabilities and their families.


The STANDARD: 6.5, August 2020

This summer, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) turned 30 years old. The first generation of Americans with disabilities has grown into full adulthood under its promises and protections. In this issue of RAISE the Standard, we explore the history and the movement that helped to shape the landscape of the service system for people with disabilities, and look to the steps that young advocates can take to ensure justice and equality for future generations. Continue Reading The STANDARD: 6.5, August 2020

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RAISE Upcoming Webinars

How Language Can Impact Accessibility and Inclusion

Tuesday, January 19, 2020
2:00pm – 3:00pm (EST)

We all want the families and youth that interact with our PTI’s to feel welcome and included. One of the ways to create a welcoming and inclusive environment is to use language that is accessible, easy to understand, and culturally aware. During this webinar you will learn what accessible and inclusive language is, how to use it, and tips for creating content that promotes engagement and understanding from all people.

During the session participants will learn:
The difference between person-first vs. identity-first language
What fonts and reading levels are considered accessible.
How to simplify content to make it easier to understand.
Presented by Everett Deibler, RAISE Center Youth Coordinator. Everett has his MA in Special Education and Human Development for George Washington University and currently works as a Learning Specialist with a focus on Accessibility at Lehigh Carbon Community College.

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ACCESSIBILITY STATEMENT  ⋅  The people who work on RAISE are all members of the disability community and strive to be ever conscious of accessibility in technology. In compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, we have endeavored to make our website as accessible as possible, less any undue burden that would be imposed on us. Compliance is an ongoing process. If anyone has difficulty accessing our website information and resources, we encourage you to reach out to us directly so that we can improve our efforts to accommodate our audience.