RSA PTI’s are parent training and information centers (PTI) that are funded by the rehab service administration (RSA). There are seven RSA PTI’s throughout the United States. These centers have been identified to support other parent training information centers on the issues of youth transition. They provide various training and programming for other parent training information centers, parents, and youth to support them during this period of time between adolescence and adulthood.


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REACH for Transition (Resources for Employment, Access, Community Living, and Hope) acts as a Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) collaboration between 9 parent centers (in the states of CT, ME, NH, NJ, NYC, PA, VT) serving parents, youth/young adults with disabilities, and professionals, and their Vocational Rehabilitation, Center for Independent Living, and other adult system partners represented on the project’s 22 member Governing Board.  The purpose is to provide innovative and responsive services that are designed with and involve diverse youth/young adults with disabilities and their families, highlight the region’s strengths and collaborative spirit, and evolve as needs and contexts change, through a regional Community of Practice that enhances participating parent center capacity, reach, and partnerships around transition and adult service systems.

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New York State Transition Partners is a collaboration of Starbridge, the Parent Network of Western New York, and INCLUDEnyc, providing information and strategies to help young adults with disabilities and their families to access and navigate vocational rehabilitation and other public systems that can help with financial stability, meaningful employment, and post-secondary education.

  The purpose of the Shift Transition Project (Shift), initiated by PEAK Parent Center, is to serve youth with disabilities and their families to realize new transition possibilities. Shift provides resources, training, and support to families and to youth with disabilities on transition to college, post-secondary opportunities, how to plan for positive futures, and how to access supports and services after leaving school.
MPACT_Logos-10_compressed The overall goal of the STELLAR (Supporting Transition to Engaged Lives by Linking Agency Resources) project put on by MPACT (Missouri Parents Act) is to develop the capabilities of families to be informed and effective partners in their children with disabilities transition to adult life; and to facilitate system change that supports all children and young adults with special needs to achieve the realization of their personal goals in education, employment, living outcomes and community integration.

Open Doors for Multicultural Families (WA) has established a Multicultural Parent Training and Information Center that will provide culturally and linguistically appropriate information about transition to adult services, post-secondary resources and services for culturally & linguistically diverse (CLD) youth with developmental & intellectual disabilities (DD/ID) and their families in the WA-state.

 Federation For Children with SpecialNeeds  

The Federation for Children with Special Needs has developed the LINK Center: Connecting to Your Future services to assist families, professionals and youth with disabilities by utilizing the 5 Guideposts for Success by the National Collaborative for Workforce and Disability.  The Guideposts cover the basics of transition planning: education, employment, and independent living, but also focus on the community and family involvement that are essential for transition planning.


Project Launch via PACER Center (KY, IN, MN, OH) works in partnership with parent centers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio to help youth, adults, families, professionals, and employers understand how key laws — The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Workforce Investment Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act — can help individuals with disabilities create a positive future.