The Covid -19 pandemic has proven to be challenging for all, but for people with disabilities the struggles were intensified.

As an adult living and working with a physical disability, I can attest to the challenges posed by Covid. Because of my disability I rely heavily on the support of care attendants who assist me with my activities of daily living (ADLs). With the pandemic, my care schedule was thrown off as many were uncertain of the implications of the virus. For weeks I pieced together my schedule (all while adjusting to virtual teaching!).

Regardless of Covid, working full-time while having a disability and transitioning into full on adulthood is hard. I of course have to think about the typical adult things like bills, work, car and home maintenance, but add on the disability factor and it’s a new ball game. One that I don’t know how to play. Navigating the home and community based supports (HCBS) has been challenging.

While there are certainly many negatives surrounding the pandemic, I believe pandemic has brought to light the struggles people with disabilities have been facing on a continuing basis. This time has provided us the opportunity to share our story and create change as we navigate a new and more inclusive normal.

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Jessica Keogh, M. Ed resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania where she teaches students who have difficulty regulating their emotions. Being born with a yet to be diagnosed type of Muscular Dystrophy, Jessica has dedicated her life to educating, advocating, and empowering people with disabilities (and those with out) so they can live their most empowered lives! Jessica has done this through the way she lives, teaches, and advocates for meaningful policy change for people with disabilities.  She is currently pursuing her doctorate in educational policy, leadership, and administration, and once she earns her degree, she will write policies that help all children. Jessica is also the CEO and founder of Faith Above my Ability, a nonprofit organization geared towards empowering people of all abilities.

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