Approximately 10 years ago, I began my career as an educator in Reading, PA. It was quite an exciting first day that turned into four amazing years of growth. My students, who are now adults (ahh!) taught me a ton about life, and challenged me to be the best I could be for them. The special education team I worked with there had a heart of gold, and to this day I call us the dream team, the A team.

Six years ago, I decided to pursue my Masters in Education, and began my Wednesday night classes. Wow, was that an experience!

About three years ago, I started my blog about my experiences as a woman with a disability, and Faith Above my Ability came to life.

A year and a half ago, that blog developed into a nonprofit organization where our mission is to educate, advocate, and create change surrounding issues of access and equity.

Six months ago I began my doctorate studies in educational policy, leadership, and advocacy. I also joined the Ms. Wheelchair Pennsylvania Ambassador program where I am given the opportunity to advocate and create change.

Why am I writing all this? I’m writing this because my heart is ​full​, my soul is ​happy​, and I’m doing what I’m passionate about. After years of on and off struggling with my physical disability, wondering why, being angry and bitter with my circumstances, I found my purpose through these experiences (and more). ​I found my heart song.

Through my experiences, I have learned that although I can’t control my circumstances, I can control my happiness. Each and every (even the not so good, ya’ll) experiences have led me to where I am now. Here is exactly where I am meant to be, and I embrace all of my life with arms wide open.

It is my dearest hope that you can find true happiness, and hear your heart song, keep going! Xoxo
*​This​​post​​was​​inspired​​by​​the​​poem,​ ​Heartsong​,​by​​Mattie​​JT​​Stepanek​​and​​is​​featured​​below​.*


I have a song, deep in my heart, and only I can hear it.
If I close my eyes and sit very still it is so easy to listen to my song

When my eyes are open and I am so busy and moving and busy, if I take time and listen very hard, I can still hear my heart song.

It makes me feel happy. Happier than ever. Happier than everywhere, and everything and everyone in the world

Happy like thinking about going to Heaven when I die. My heart song goes like this-
I love you! I love you!
How happy can you be!

How happy can you make this whole world be!
And sometimes it’s other tunes and words, too. But it always sings the same special song. But do you know what?

All people have a special song inside their heart! Everyone in the whole world has a special heart song. If you believe in magical, musical hearts. And if you believe you can be happy than you, too, will hear your song.


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Jessica Keogh, M. Ed resides in West Chester, Pennsylvania where she teaches students who have difficulty regulating their emotions. Being born with a yet to be diagnosed type of Muscular Dystrophy, Jessica has dedicated her life to educating, advocating, and empowering people with disabilities (and those with out) so they can live their most empowered lives! Jessica has done this through the way she lives, teaches, and advocates for meaningful policy change for people with disabilities.  She is currently pursuing her doctorate in educational policy, leadership, and administration, and once she earns her degree, she will write policies that help all children. Jessica is also the CEO and founder of Faith Above my Ability, a nonprofit organization geared towards empowering people of all abilities.

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