Employment Resources


Ethnicity Hands Exploding Job Search Application Concept

Funding of Assistive Technology Series — Work, Assistive Technology and
State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies
Outlines the Vocational Rehabilitation Agency’s obligation to fund AT to support employment preparation.

Vocational Rehabilitation Toolkit 

Guide for advocates working with students, and families to facilitate the involvement of state Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Agencies 

Preparing Transition-Age Youth: What School Leaders Need to Know
Informs school leaders about their responsibility to provide students effective secondary school transition programs that prepare them for competitive employment.

Getting and Keeping the First Job
Competitive employment is the key of a successful transition to adult living for youth with disabilities. 

Vocational Rehabilitation): Young Adults Guide
Explains how young adults with mental health conditions can take advantage of the VR services 

Disability Disclosure
This blog discusses reasons why you may need to disclose your disability 

Job Coaching Training Guide
This training resource provides school personnel with information on how to provide Community Based Employment Education to students.

Introducing Vocational Rehabilitation Services
This video teaches individuals how their local Vocational Rehabilitation Services counselor can help them be successful at school, at work, and in the community.

Employment Page from PACER
8 videos feature individuals’ stories in addition to professionals’ advice on topics including Employment Supports, VR Services, Disability Disclosure, etc.

By Youth, For Youth: Employment
This brief cover finding and keeping a job and provides information on supports such as vocational rehabilitation and transportation.

Promoting Employment: Toolkit for CILs and AJCs
This toolkit for CILs and AJCs deepens their understanding of each other’s services to improve the lives of job seekers 

Get the Job … Keep the Job!
This video provides an overview of the right and wrong ways to apply for a job, give an interview; and how to request reasonable accommodations

Essential Skills to Getting a Job: What Young People with Disabilities Need to Know
This in-depth survey of 461 business leaders finds that younger workers frequently lack “soft” skills, which include: professionalism or work ethic, oral and written communication, teamwork and collaboration skills, and critical thinking or problem-solving skills.

Helping Youth Develop Soft Skills for Job Success
Discusses the importance of soft skills and offers specific strategies families can use to help their child develop skills for employment success

Using Customized Employment to Promote Job Seeker Success
Discusses how Customized Employment’s strategy, Discovery, offers an approach for job seekers consistent with some of the most widely accepted strategies for successful career development.

Promoting Employment—Introduction to Customized Employment and Customized Self-Employment 
Provides an understanding of Customized Employment and Customized Self-Employment

Executive Function Skills at Work
Explores executive function skills that impact job tasks and how technology can help 

Pre-employment Transition Services
Focuses on The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) that requires vocational rehabilitation) agencies to set aside funds to provide “pre-employment transition services” to “Students with Disabilities who are eligible or potentially eligible for VR services.”.

Handheld Technology Supports
Discusses how smartphones can be used to support work skills 

Workplace Accommodation Toolkit
Provides employers with tools needed to create a more disability-inclusive and compliant workplace. 

#ApprenticeshipWorks Video Series
This video series features apprentices with and without disabilities (Recruits) and their apprenticeship sponsors (Sponsors) in high-growth industries like information technology, healthcare, and marine engineering. These apprentices and their sponsors show how #ApprenticeshipWorks for them and how it can work for other job seekers and businesses across the country.

Careers in the Arts Toolkit
Resources that would prove effective for people with disabilities pursuing education, training, and employment opportunities across all arts and culture disciplines

Transition to Postsecondary Education and Employment
Helps students approaching the time to leave high school to prepare for adult life, focusing on early transition planning and participation in decision making.

Ticket to Work-Keeping Benefits
Helps Social Security beneficiaries go to work and become financially independent, while they keep their Medicare or Medicaid.