This webinar, originally presented on February 13, 2018, explores creative models and best practices for parent centers seeking to reach families that have historically been under-served.

Representatives from each of the four parent centers comprising the New York 1 Parent Training and Information Center Collaborative present strategies for bridging cultural, racial, and linguistic differences as well as approaches for overcoming challenges posed by the child welfare system and parental incarceration.

Practices shared include programs targeting Spanish-speaking families (INCLUDEnyc), Native American families (Long Island Advocacy Center), parents with children in foster care (Sinergia), and parents who are incarcerated (Advocates for Children of New York).

Michelle Eaton, Advocates from Children
Alfonso Guzman, INCLUDE nyc
Don Lash, Sinergia
Yvonne Sinisgalli, Long Island Advocacy Center

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